Do you sell prints?
The only prints I have for sale can be found over at Gallery 1988.

How do you draw this stuff?
I pretty much draw all of this stuff in Adobe Illustrator. I have a bunch of custom brushes that I've made and/or bought, and I use a Wacom tablet. It's probably horribly antiquated and inefficient, but hey, it works for me!

What's the deal with the name "Matt Robot"?
There's a famous Matt Talbot who is the proposed patron saint of recovering addicts. Every URL related to my name is associated with that guy somehow. Actually, the URL of my name became available briefly but it was like $2,600 from a domain squatter, whereas was like $10.  Plus, I like robots, plus it sounds a little like Talbot. Plus, my sisters used to call me Matt Robot when I was a kid. Oh man, I've been talking about this for way too long now. Let's move on...

Can I use {insert image here) from your site in one of my projects?
First of all, thanks for even asking that question. It's kind of a bummer to stumble across stuff you've worked hard on in use for some other application. The fact that you, hypothetical site visitor, have asked permission gives me a slight glimmer of hope that perhaps there is still a perception, however waning, that artistic endeavors have value in today's "if it's on the internet, it's fair game" culture.

You didn't answer the question. Can I use your stupid art in my project or not?
I really can't stop you. But I'd probably prefer to make something new for you. If you reallllly want to, maybe we could work out an arrangement of some kind (assuming the subject of said artwork isn't someone else's IP, in which case--please don't use it).

Will you draw something for me?
What with the day job and all, my extra-curricular drawing time is kinda limited. I take on a few projects that really excite me, at a size I know I can handle. Like a comic book? No! I used to do that and it was like a second full-time job. A poster or album cover? Yes! I'm pretty good at doing those in a somewhat tidy and expedient manner. I can usually fit in about one extra project per week or two and I'm usually booked about 5-6 weeks in advance. Email me and let's figure something out!