Hi, I’m Matt Talbot, an illustrator and graphic designer who lives in the Seacoast area of NH with my cartoonist wife, Jennifer, our awesome conure, Neko, and our recently adopted shelter kitty, Budz.

By day, I work at a cool design firm in Portsmouth, and I spend my nights drawing and designing the art you see on this site. Also, playing music. I love to keep busy with fun creative projects.

Please email me with questions, project requests or to debate which Star Trek captain is best (Picard). You can also find me on instagram, twitter, tumblr or dribbble!

Please note before emailing me: I do not sell prints of my Better Call Saul artwork. Hey, I'd love it if I could, but it's just fan art and I don't own the rights.

You can read about my process and influences in these interviews:
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